by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Ph.D.

An excellent and well-cited recounting of how the Catholic Church was integral in preserving and adding to the achievements of Western Civilization. From Catholics helping save important writings and art during the barbarian raids after the fall of the Roman Empire, to the monasteries helping civilization get back on its feet to the start of universities to the many advancements Catholics made to science and math (including making science possible at all by depersonalizing nature and establishing that creation is consistent and orderly) to incredible achievements in art and architecture, to the beginnings of international law to economics to changing the world with their Christ-inspired charity to their contributions to Western law and Western morality.
I’m glad I came across this book. After growing up only learning about the purported bad things about the church, it was very eye-opening to see the many good things that came from the church, most of which we take for granted today. It was also interesting to read the reactions of the pagan peoples responding to the things Catholics were doing that were so alien at the time but very familiar to us now. The world was VERY different before the influence of Christ’s church.
Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting a fuller history of the West.

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