by GK Chesterton

This book was excellent. It was definitely the most approachable of all of Chesterton’s nonfiction that I’ve read so far. It had good flow, was well-organized, had solid arguments and it was very funny.

I had so many of the same questions, problems with modern thought and intuitions about the universe that he had that I could have written this book myself (though, with much poorer results). I probably underlined and starred half of the text. This book is a breath of fresh air and sanity for anyone coming out of the fog of modernity and nihilism. It is a perfect book for anyone who feels like there has to be more because – as Chesterton gives ample evidence of it throughout the whole book – there is.

Orthodoxy is the adventure you are looking for in your life. This book is a map to get you started.

Just as an aside: He wrote this about the same time that he wrote The Man Who Was Thursday, so you might want to pair them up.

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