“The glory of God is a human being fully alive.”

-Saint Irenaeus

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Book Review: Tremendous Trifles

by: GK Chesterton             I went in search of this book after reading a quote attributed to it – “A baby is the kingdom of God.”  (Thank you American Chesterton Society!).  I suspected if the rest of the book came anywhere near to as good as that small sample, it...

Embracing Dingy Socks and the Wider Lesson They Teach

            At the doctor’s office, I was told to undress and get into a gown by the nurse.  As I started to untie my shoes, the nurse said, “Cool shoes!” as she gathered her things to leave....

Book Review: The Way of the Cross

by: Caryll Houselander             This probably goes without saying, but this was an excellent book to read for Lent.  There is an overview of the Via Crucis and then a chapter dedicated to each...

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