3 June 2023

Jun 2, 2023 | Blog, Saturday Fairy Eggs

Children are naturally curious creatures and with so many under one roof coupled with the fact that we homeschool, we are frequently looking things up to answer the various questions that arise. For instance, the children found that one of the chickens had laid an egg the size of a cherry tomato. We looked it up and found out that such an egg occurs on occasion, that there is no yolk inside and that they are called – by some – fairy eggs.

Here are some other fairy eggs we found this week:

  • In one of my son’s reading lessons this week, a young boy was hoping to sell enough peaches from his peach tree in his family orchard to buy a new bicycle. It was then that we learned about the “June drop”. It happens not to just peach trees, but all fruit trees.


  • We found out you can grow a pineapple plant from the stem of a store bought pineapple, so we thought we might try it. I’m using the Southern Living instructions because I’ve lived in the south and those people like pineapples. They are everywhere in their decor down there. So I figured a southern magazine would know what it was talking about.


  • We’re reading Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White House and found out that President Lincoln was named after his grandfather who had been killed by an Indian when Lincoln’s father was about 8. Lincoln’s paternal grandmother was named Bathsheba.
  • Lincoln’s mother died of something called Milk sickness which we looked up and found out happened a lot during that time period. A cow would eat a poisonous plant called White Snakeroot and anyone eating meat from that cow or drinking its milk would be poisoned as well. Happily, it’s very rare now-a-days.


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