Away Goes Sally

Apr 18, 2023 | Blog, Book Reviews

by Elizabeth Coatsworth

            Sally is a young orphan that lives with her aunts and uncle in late 18th-century Massachusetts.  After receiving a letter from their cousin that had settled in Maine inviting them to join him in the wide-open country up north, everyone wants to move up there except Aunt Nanny who will not “leave her own house”.  Uncle Joseph finally manages to convince her by building her a little house and putting it on runners so that they can take it with them on the move.  She is able to go to Maine without having to go back on her word and their journey begins.

            Elizabeth Coatsworth was a great story teller.  We enjoyed this book immensely.  The story moves along at a good pace and has plenty of interesting peeks into life in the 18th century.  There are several compelling and unexpected moments, such as the meeting with a witch (surprising since I assumed, based on their time and location, that this family would be of Puritan strain) and coming across a bear.

            For those that care, as a read-along, it rolled off the tongue.  

            This was a delightful read and I would definitely recommend it.  (It appears to be out of print, but worth tracking down).

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