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Book Review: Tremendous Trifles

by: GK Chesterton             I went in search of this book after reading a quote attributed to it – “A baby is the kingdom of God.”  (Thank you...

Embracing Dingy Socks and the Wider Lesson They Teach

            At the doctor’s office, I was told to undress and get into a gown by the nurse.  As I started to untie my shoes, the nurse said, “Cool...

Book Review: The Way of the Cross

by: Caryll Houselander             This probably goes without saying, but this was an...

Book Review: Happy Are You Poor 

by Thomas Dubay I follow a Franciscan monk who recommended this book.  He said he found it particularly challenging.  It...
Book Review: A Lion to Guard Us

Book Review: A Lion to Guard Us

by Clyde Robert Bulla             Amanda, about 10 I think, and her two younger siblings (8 and 6) were living in the house of their mother’s...

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Book Review: The Common Man

Book Review: The Common Man

by GK Chesterton This book is a collection of about 44 essays on subjects ranging from the common man to necromancy to Elizabeth Barrett Browning to...

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