Book Review: The Way of the Cross

Mar 28, 2024 | Blog, Book Reviews

by: Caryll Houselander

            This probably goes without saying, but this was an excellent book to read for Lent.  There is an overview of the Via Crucis and then a chapter dedicated to each Station of the Cross.  Houselander brings to life the atmosphere and mystery surrounding each station as Christ experienced them.  She also explores the various ways each station embodies the sufferings of all mankind up to and including the present time.  There was no suffering the Jesus did not enter into in order to go through it with us.

            Caryll Houselander was a mystic and was permitted to see a lot of beautiful – sometimes breathtaking – meaning in each of the stations.  All throughout she reminds the reader that it was all for us.  All that suffering, pain and torture that Jesus endured was for our sakes, to ransom our souls from death.  Even today he is with us in our suffering and turning our hours of failure into triumph.

            This book is uplifting, to say the least.  It gives real rise to the soul which seems weird considering the subject matter.  But that is the paradox of the crucifixion.  The greatest good came out of the most horrible evil.

            Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting deep reflections of the Stations of the Cross.

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