December 10, 2022

Dec 10, 2022 | Blog, Saturday Fairy Eggs

Children are naturally curious creatures and with so many under one roof coupled with the fact that we homeschool, we are frequently looking things up to answer the various questions that arise. For instance, the children found that one of the chickens had laid an egg the size of a cherry tomato. We looked it up and found out that such an egg occurs on occasion, that there is no yolk inside and that they are called – by some – fairy eggs.

Here are some other fairy eggs we found this week:

  • We learned about Hokkaido Japan’s frozen herbariums and –for the first time ever – are jealous that our winters rarely get down to 14 below.

  • In American history, we read about what the soldiers went through at Valley Forge, PA and were reminded to be wholly grateful to the men that fought for our freedom. The bloody, bare feet in the snow in the dead of winter is something we should all think about at our 4th of July cookouts.
  • This year we cut our Christmas tree from our yard (we had a tree growing too close to the house that needed to come down.) At first we laughed that it was so sparse compared to the trees grown on Christmas tree farms or found on lots. Then a friend came by and said that its sparseness would really show off the ornaments. As we’ve decorated it throughout the week, it turns out she was right. The tree looks amazing! So amazing that we are now sad we don’t have many more evergreens growing too close to the house for years of Christmases to come. Who wants a a gloriously full Christmas tree after we’ve experienced a gloriously stark Christmas tree? I came across this post on Scandinavian Christmas trees. They don’t seem to be into huge, full Christmas trees. (Is that an American thing?). This post of NordicTannebaums really show just how beautiful “less” can be.

  • After reading Day 9 of Christmas for Beginners (shameless plug!), the kids were curious as to what Joseph’s wife name was. We looked it up in Genesis and also found out that Pharaoh gave Joseph a new name. The kids were quite tickled by Pharaoh’s choice:
  • South Korea is officially changing how their country calculates age. They will now all be 1+ years younger. (I have one son who would like to use the former South Korean age calculation system because it would bring him one year closer to getting to watch Die Hard.)

  • And Ew!

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