George Washington’s World

Oct 31, 2022 | Blog, Book Reviews

by Genevieve Foster

I read this with my son for his history class. The concept of this book was very cool. It went through the main stages of George Washington’s life and told what was going on during those time periods not only in his life but also in the United States and around the world. It did a great job of de-compartmentalizing the various historical snippets floating around in my brain with zero relationship and showed how they were connected. For instance, I’d heard of Napoleon and the battle of Waterloo but didn’t have a firm idea on when he existed nor when that battle took place. Catherine the Great? The French Revolution? Juniper Serra? The French and Indian War? All of those floating bits of information were pulled out of the air in my mind and fixed firmly in order on a timeline.

The storytelling was entertaining and the information in each section was pretty thorough. We enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Side note: I did come across a couple of sources that suggested some of the narrative in this book about what was going on in Europe had an anti-Catholic slant. (There was a review on Amazon that also brought this up). I do not know enough about European history to judge either way (though I recently purchased a couple of books to help better educate myself on the subjects so that I can be a better judge. Reviews to come as I get them done!), but I wanted to put that out there in case the bias does exist and needs to be expounded upon.

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