Happy Feast Day of Saint Margaret of Scotland!

Nov 16, 2022 | Blog, Feast Days


Saint Margaret of Scotland was the Catholic queen that tamed her wild, Scottish husband. She had a special devotion to the poor and for spreading the faith throughout her kingdom. She had eight kids and a love for prayer. Her spare time was spent:

  • feeding, clothing and washing the feet of the poor
  • personally feeding orphans in her castle
  • discussing scripture with her girlfriends while embroidering altar cloths and vestments
  • encouraging the observance of Lent, respect for the Eucharist and keeping Sundays holy
  • educating her people and introducing them to the arts
  • going to Mass in the middle of the night with her husband and handing out money to the poor on the way home

She was a busy lady!

In her right hand she holds the Bible in her left hand, the souls of the poor. The background blue is the color on the Scottish flag, she is surrounded by thistle and has celtic knots in her halo.

Her Feast Day is November 16.

To have this holy saint hanging in your house to remind you of the sort of things you should be doing with your spare time, click here.

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