Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know

Sep 26, 2022 | Blog, Book Reviews

by Joseph Pearce

This was an excellent book! It was like a mini-literature course taught by a professor that you love.

Mr. Pearce starts back in antiquity with Homer and Virgil and works his way up to the 20th century with a truncated, though informative synopsis of the great works, their authors and why Catholics should read the various works. It ends with a list of 100 great works every Catholic should read, which is just the sort of ending an over-achieving goal-oriented Catholic needs after reading just such a book. He gets you pretty excited to read these books!

And, it’s Joseph Pearce, so it was an endlessly pleasant read.

A surprise bonus: my daughter is reading Homer right now and this book came in handy to give her a heads up of what, as a Catholic, to look for. So, this book also makes a good tool for parents with kids entering into the “reading literature” years.

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