March 25, 2023

Mar 25, 2023 | Blog, Saturday Fairy Eggs

Children are naturally curious creatures and with so many under one roof coupled with the fact that we homeschool, we are frequently looking things up to answer the various questions that arise. For instance, the children found that one of the chickens had laid an egg the size of a cherry tomato. We looked it up and found out that such an egg occurs on occasion, that there is no yolk inside and that they are called – by some – fairy eggs.

Here are some other fairy eggs we found this week:

  • My son and I were disappointed to find out the “Prince” mentioned in the title of this story in his early reader was not the pop star coming to town in a little red corvette.
  • We were studying the moon landing and watched some of the footage. They spent 21 hours and 36 minutes on the actual surface of the moon. The whole trip took 4 days 6 hours and 45 minutes. Think of the courage it took to actually get out of that spacecraft! But the pay off was getting to say for the rest of your life: “I spent a day 4-wheeling on the moon.”
  • One of the kids is memorizing Longfellow’s poem “The Children’s Hour”. We came across this stanza and were curious as to what it meant.

Turns out the Bishop of Bingen was not a nice guy (at least, according to the legend) and he ended up being devoured by a bunch of rats in his little toll tower which is now a tourist attraction.

  • I knew what an owl pellet was, but had never before thought of how the owl got them out of their body until I was surprised by footage of an owl pellet being “cast out”.

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