Book Review: Money Secrets

Jun 21, 2023 | Blog, Book Reviews

by Dave Barry

I bought this book – in particular – because someone in the reviews said they bought it thinking it was a serious book on money and it had them in hysterics when they started reading it and realized it was humor. That just tickled me.
This book was hilarious. Unless you’re a CEO of a massive corporation, then, I’m afraid to say, you’re the butt of a lot of jokes.
It covered all the basics: how money works, the economy, personal finances, real estate, getting a job, arguing with your spouse about money, how to manage a hedge fund, etc
It also had an entire chapter on a book Donald Trump wrote that was so funny that that chapter, alone, made the price of this book worth it.
It was very funny. Even if you bought it knowing it was a humor book.  I definitely recommend it for anyone hoping for a laugh. Who knew the topic of money could be so funny?

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