Saint Catherine of Siena

Apr 29, 2022 | Blog, Feast Days

St Catherine of Sienna is sainthood-X. She was in it to win it.
She was born during the plague epidemic and was child #25! Though many of her siblings didn’t survive to adulthood including her twin.
She cut her hair to keep some dude from wanting to marry her and then joined the lay Dominican order which meant she could live the life of a nun from home. (Making her the unofficial saint of failures to launch).
She had a mystical experience that involved an invisible ring and stigmata (though they became visible as long as you didn’t look at them) and from that point on, really started putting the eXtra in her sainthood.
She started working with the poor and sick in hospitals and at there homes (saintly) including drinking the bathwater of a leper (saintly-X) (and ew!)
She then started to travel about writing and preaching reform of the church (saintly)and even talked the pope into returning to Rome from Avignon when no one had been able to (saintly-X).
She died at 33 from illness and is a Doctor of the Church.
She’s the patron saint of fire prevention.
Her background color is Sienna, which is a pigment made from the clay in Sienna, Italy.

For a reminder to live your spiritual life a little more ‘X’, click here.

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  1. John Bernard Handrahan

    I always wondered where she got the power to send the pope back to Rome. Enjoyed the review !!

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