Saint Dominic and the Rosary 

May 23, 2023 | Blog, Book Reviews

by Catherine Beebe

            This was a great biography.  It read well and was really helped along by the fact that Saint Dominic had a very fascinating life.  He was born to older parents after his other brothers and sisters were grown-up and moved out.  He knew he wanted to be a priest early on in life, so his parents sent him to school to make sure he had the necessary education for his vocation.

            After becoming a priest, he traveled to Denmark with his bishop.  They had to journey through France  to get to Denmark and it was there that he came into contact with the Albigensians.  He very much wanted to stay and try to convert them to the Catholic faith, but he had to stay on his errand with the Bishop.  The next time they went, their errand was terminated prematurely so the bishop let him stay to convert the heretics.

            He spent a lot of time preaching and won many converts.  He started an order of preachers, which was sorely needed at the time and had many mystical experiences including getting the rosary from the Blessed Mother.

            It was an excellent book about a very interesting man who lived in interesting times.  My son said “It was not really bad actually.”  Which is high praise from him.  I learned a lot about this amazing saint without feeling like it was a chore and would recommend it.

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