Saturday Morning Fairy Eggs

Nov 12, 2022 | Blog, Saturday Fairy Eggs

November 12, 2022

Children are naturally curious creatures and with so many under one roof coupled with the fact that we homeschool, we are frequently looking things up to answer the various questions that arise. For instance, the children found that one of the chickens had laid an egg the size of a cherry tomato. We looked it up and found out that such an egg occurs on occasion, that there is no yolk inside and that they are called – by some – fairy eggs.

Here are some other fairy eggs we found this week:

Benjamin Franklin invented a musical instrument called a Glass Armonica.

We also looked up the stove Ben Franklin invented, aptly called the Ben Franklin stove (we were reading a chapter about all of his inventions):

My 5th grader is learning the abbreviations for the states. He found them nonsensical which reminded me of a stand-up comedian I’d seen that agreed with him.

Finally, I came across some fascinating talks on Hinduism and Buddhism from the Catholic perspective by Father Ezra Sullivan.

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  1. Angie

    So many things to ponder… in just one week! Thank you for sharing your findings! I love this format.

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