Book Review: The Treasure Seekers

Jun 29, 2023 | Blog, Book Reviews

by E. Nesbit

I came across this author, E. Nesbit, on a list of suggested reading by the woman who designed the curriculum I’m using this year. She’s got excellent taste and my daughter, always devouring books, is in need of some new reading material. We’re using it for her book report so I needed to read it to make sure she is reading it.
It was a fantastic book. It’s about a family with six kids. Their mom had died and they’ve fallen on hard times financially so the kids decide to go out and replenish the family fortune to take some of the stress off their father. They try each kid’s idea which leads them from digging for buried treasure to robber barroning to selling their poetry to trying to take out a loan so they can start a business and more.
To say it was a delightful read is a gross understatement. Each time I opened the book, I got to be a kid again and go on adventures until my adult life would call me back outside the pages.
It was a book about kids being kids. It’s nice to know there is a place in the world for good, fun, innocent children’s books.

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