Wild at Heart and The Way of the Wild Heart

Jun 7, 2021 | Blog, Book Reviews

by John Eldredge

I read these books for research for a book I’m planning on writing. For my purposes, these books served well, though I probably could have gotten away with just reading The Way of the Wild Heart.

I needed ideas for male rites of passage and it was chock full of them. In addition, Mr. Eldredge takes the reader through the various stages of manhood he’s observed: the cowboy, the warrior, the lover, the king and the sage. He gives examples of how men should enter each of these stages and how men could’ve been wounded in each of these stages and how to heal those wounds with the help of God.

Mr. Eldredge is very well-read, brings a lot of experience to the reader and is very passionate about this subject However, keep in mind the books are very Protestant in tone for those who are used to reading Catholic books.

Overall, I enjoyed the glimpse into the male mind (especially since I have several boys and only had sisters growing up so I have no idea what I am doing with these guys) and I think more books like this are needed in our steadily growing hostile-towards-masculinity culture.

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