2.5″ X 3.5″ The Annuncuation Byzantine Folk style icon on wood by DL Sayles


Small Annunciation Icon on wood


The angel Gabriel, notorious for not knocking, appeared to Mary, a virgin betrothed which is fancy talk for the Jewish tradition that a couple would be married to each other for a year, before having the ceremony and moving in together.  Shotgun weddings in Vegas presided over by Elvis were frowned upon.

Admiring the minimalist-chic décor of Mary’s humble dwelling, Saint Gabriel said to her, “Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with you.”

“Don’t be afraid Mary,” Saint Gabriel said.  “But brace yourself becauseI haven’t even gotten started yet.”

He went on to tell Mary that she was pretty much God’s favorite and that she would conceive a child in her womb.  So she’d know what color to decorate the nursery in, Saint Gabriel told her the child would be a boy and that she was to call him Jesus.  (Thus ending the naming war that can break out between expecting parents and also ending any possibility that God’s Son would be named after a piece of fruit or any characters from shows on the CW).

“Come again?” Mary replied.

“It’s a little complicated,” Saint Gabriel said, “But essentially, with your permission, God in the form of the Holy Spirit will use his God powers to put a baby in your tummy.  You will literally be carrying the Son of God.  God has chosen you to be His mother.  I told you you were His favorite!”

Saint Gabriel went on to tell Mary that her cousin Elizabeth also had a bun in the oven and was about six months along.  Which was crazy because Elizabeth was old and, until now, barren.  And also, not the greatest cook.

“For with God, nothing will be impossible,” Saint Gabriel said.  “So what do you think?  All of humankind has been waiting for this moment.  Does it sound like a plan, Stan?  No pressure!”

“Let’s do this!”  Mary said.  They fist bumped and Saint Gabriel booked it back to heaven.

This is a print mounted on wood with a hanger in back.  Please allow up to a week for artisaning.


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