4 X 4 Saint Francis of Assisi Byzantine folk icon print on wood


4 X 4 Saint Francis of Assisi icon on wood.


Saint Francis was rich and fun. Then he went to war and after some terrible experiences, realized there had to be more to life than being rich and fun. Luckily, God agreed and told Saint Francis to go repair his church. Francis’s father said, “You better not use my money to do it.” So Saint Francis left everything of his father’s wealth, including his clothes, and went out into the world to serve God.

He found some clothes, started an order and spent his life serving the poor, preaching the Gospel, making nativities, taming wolves, getting a stigmata, inventing nativities, starting Saint Michael’s Lent, loving nature and re-building God’s church.

He was now rich in things that mattered and still very fun.

He’s the patron saint of animals, ecologists, merchants and Assisi.

His Feast Day is October 4

This is a print mounted on wood with a hanger in back.

Please allow up to a week for artisaning.


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