4 X 4 Saint John the Evangelist Byzantine folk icon print on wood


4 X 4 St. John the Evangelist icon on wood.


John was mending fishing nets with his brother James one day when Jesus came by and told them to follow him. Like many young men doing their chores, it didn’t take a lot to convince them to drop what they were doing and go do not chores.
Usually when a long-haired, sandal wearing dude that talks about love all the time comes by and says follow me, you wind up on a commune in Southern California. However, this was not the case with Jesus. It was, actually, a pretty opposite experience.
Jesus nicknamed John and James the Sons of Thunder. John witnessed the raising of Jairus’s daughter from the dead, saw Jesus transfigured and, with Peter and James, kept falling asleep during Jesus’s agony in the Garden. He stayed with Jesus to the very end, remaining with him even at the foot of the cross.
Then, after seeing Jesus rise from the dead, John wrote a gospel, a couple/three epistles, got himself exiled to Patmos and wrote the Book of Revelation too.
His symbol is the Eagle.

His Feast Day is October 27

This is a print on wood with a sawtooth hanger.
Please allow up to one week for artisaning.


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