4 X 6 ish Saint Patrick Icon Print on wood


4 X 6 Saint Patrick icon on wood


This Saint Patrick painting was inspired by a documentary I watched on his feast day. While watching it, I realized I completely took St Patrick for granted. He was an extraordinary man. He was a young man born into wealth but was captured and enslaved by the Irish. The one thing he had as a slave was his faith, which grew very strong during his life of enslavement. After some time, he managed to escape and made his way back home. He became a priest and then risked his life to return to Ireland to bring Christianity to his enslavers (instead of staying put and living a life of luxury like his parents wanted him to.)
Missionaries, up until this point, had made zero progress with the Irish. But Saint Patrick, knowing their language and culture, was very successful despite, even, converts being killed by the druids and kings “before the chrism had dried on their heads”.
There was so much to his story, but it mostly ended with, if you’re Irish and Catholic, you’ve got Saint Patrick to thank for it.
He’s pictured here baptizing and confirming a king and a priest, symbols of the two parts of Irish culture that he overcame to bring Christianity to the Emerald Isle. The church in the background is called Saul’s Abbey and was a barn that Saint Patrick converted into a church and also where he was eventually buried. The broken chains, of course, represent his former enslavement.

This is a print on wood with a D-ring hanger in the back.

Please allow up to a week for atisaning.


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