4 X 6 Saint Anthony of Padua Byzantine Folk Icon Print on Wood


Medium Saint Anthony of Padua Icon on wood


Saint Anthony of Padua is particularly well known for helping you find lost things based on a story about his book of psalms that were stolen. He had all sorts of notes in the book, making it very valuable to him. He asked God to help him find it. Not only did the thief inexplicably bring it back, but also reconciled and returned to the order.
Saint Anthony is often pictured with little kid Jesus because he used to have visions of him.
And with a Bible for his devotion to scripture.
He was also called the hammer of heretics because of his love for going to areas where heresies had grown strong and preaching against them.
He was such a good orator that in one town, he preached before a lake and the fish came out to listen.
His tongue, which was so good at sharing the gospel, has remained – incorrupt. Certainly one of the more unusual relics!

This is a print mounted on wood with a hanger in back.  Please allow up to one week for artisaning.


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