Saint Benedict Medal 4 X 4 inch Icon Print on Wood


Medium Saint Benedict medal on wood


This is the Saint Benedict medal. The devil is supposed to fear it. But he’s also supposed to like heavy metal which, thanks to my husband, is constantly spewing forth from my house. I guess we’ll find out which is stronger.

The Pax means peace.

The upper left (I V B) means Drink thou thy own poison.

The lower left (S M Q L) means Evil are the things thou profferest.

The upper right (V R S) Begone Satan.

The lower right (N S M V) means Do not suggest to me thy vanities.

Middle down (CSSML) The Holy Cross be my light.

Middle across (NDSMD) Let not the dragon be my guide.

I recently read a book on Saint Benedict’s Rule and got a lot out of it spiritually.  I painted this and have it hanging over my front door.  It’s a nice reminder of the calls to obedience, to stability and to conversion of life.  Prayer and work, baby!

And humility, of course.

This is a print mounted on wood with a hanger in back.  Please allow up to 1 week for artisaning.  Other sizes available.


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