4 X 4 Saint Mary Magdalene Byzantine Folk style Icon Print on Wood


Medium Saint Mary Magdalene Icon on Wood


This is Mary Magdalene, the apostle to the apostles. She’s pictured with a skull to signify dying to herself once she met the Christ. She’s holding a bottle of oil for the anointings that are traditionally attributed to her (but weren’t positively identified as all being the same Mary. But there was an explanation of the two anointings that made a lot of sense to me, so I’m going to go with it.). She’s usually pictured with a small cross to signify her roll in announcing the good news (that Jesus had risen). She’s sitting as I always picture her sitting at the feet of Christ in the scene when Martha gets all annoyed with her for sitting around on her tooshie while Martha’s running around doing all the work. I always imagine Mary in in blissful serenity listening to our Lord at his feet. What a perfect place to be! (And I try not to be envious because I’m more of a Martha).
She’s surrounded in purple and white to signify penance and purity.
Her feast day is July 22. Saint Mary Magdalene, pay for us!

This is a print mounted on wood with a hanger in back.


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