4X6 ish Saint Andrew the Apostle Byzantine folk icon on wood


Medium Saint Andrew Icon on Wood


This is Saint Andrew, Saint Peter’s brother and one of Jesus’s apostles. He was the first called. And though he wasn’t renamed and had God’s church built on him, he didn’t let it come between he and Peter at the family Thanksgiving get together. In fact, he gave Peter a pink belly just to remind him he was still his big brother.
He was crucified on the “X” shaped cross called the Saltire, which I now know the name of because our youth group recently changed their name to Saltire (I go to a church named for this great saint).

He’s also the patron saint of Scotland. Their flag will make a lot more sense to you now. You’re welcome.

His feast day is November 30.

This is a print mounted on wood with a hanger in back.  Please allow up to but not necessarily 1 week for artisaning.


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